Colin Kinzel

Full Stack Developer

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NginxMaria DBLinuxDocker

Previous Projects

Enfinium Webpage

Designed the webpage of the Enfinium Minecraft Network.

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Enfinium has been a long standing project I've been working almost daily. Enfinium is a Minecraft server focused on building Minigames similar to HiveMC or Hypixel A side part of Enfinium Which I work on as well is helping content creators setup their own Viewer SMP or Minecraft Servers which we host directly on our own servers.

Content Delivery Manager

This project I've had little time to work on but the goal was to handle adding Files to a webserver hosted on nginx with the option of setting deletion dates, auto generating a url and a few other things. This project mainly came out of Enfinium and it being a pain to have to open sftp everytime I want to add something to provide for servers etc.