Hello! :D My name is Colin, I'm currently in college for Software Development. I programming in a multitude of languages including: Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and C#. I currently make Minecraft Spigot Plugins mostly for me and my friends Minecraft server. Feel free to check it out @ play.enfinium.net! If you'd like to have me develop one for you let me know via Discord (Colink02#3584) or Email(above). Please note this website is still undergoing lots of development.

Active Projects

Enfinium Server

Founded by my good friends: Tinojr25 and Miyyist.

We are a network based on the Java version of Minecraft.
We currently have survival and skywars but more is to come. Our logo
was made by our talented artist Maria Aslanova.
If you'd like to join us the IP is:


Also join our Discord!
Colink02 Dev Website

Colin's Website that he builds every now and then just for fun.

Embed Bot
(Discord Bot)

Bot built off of my friends ideas and mine. Currently under a huge recode

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Minecraft Online Player Count

Slightly Broken. Just a fun project messing around with the MC API from Xdefcon

Try it out!